Quick Facts about Kyrgyzstan

Country's Geography: -Kyrgyzstan is a Central Asia country 41 N; 75 E -Kyrgyzstan covers about 198,394 sq. km (or 76,000 sq.mi), or about the area of Minnesota. -The Tian Shan, meaning "heavenly mountains" in Chinese, is towering system covering much of Kyrgyzstan, includes some of the world largest glaciers. -The ethnic composition of Kyrgyzstan is 52% Kyrgyz, 21% Russian, 13% Uzbek and 14% other nationalities.

Country's History: -The Kyrgyz are descendants of the nomadic Mongol herders who first settled the area. -The Kyrgyz settled in today's Kyrgyzstan by the sixteenth century. -By 1876, the Russian empire had annexed and colonized the region. -After 1936 an autonomous region of Turkestan Republic became the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic. -In August 1991, it declared independence in the aftermath of the failed coup attempt in Moscow.

Country's Politics: -Kyrgyzstan declared sovereighnity in December 1990. -Askar Akaev, the president of Kyrgyzstan, was the only Cenral Asian leader to support Yeltsin during the coup and is the only president in any ot the Cenral Asia countries who is not a former Communist. -Kyrgyzstan has reputation as the most democratic country of Cenral Asia. -Kyrgyzstan is only country in Cenral Asia to have Russian as a state language.

Country's Economy: -In May 1993, Kyrgyzstan became the first Cenral Asian state to introduce its own national currency, the som. -Hydroelectric stations placed along the Naryn River now supply elecricity to most of the Central Asia republics.

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