Links to find more about Kyrgyzstan

ElCat Communication Server: First Web site in Kyrgyztan with plenty of information and links.
Kyrgyzstan embassy in Washington, D.C.: Kyrgyzstan embassy Official Homepage
Kyrgyzstan Freenet: On this site You can find very interesting information about Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia countries.
Russia Today Homepage: Up-to-date news and information from Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States, including news from Kyrgyzstan.
Soros-Foundation Kyrgyzstan: Non-profit organization in Kyrgyzstan with cultural and educational goals.
AsiaInfo in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (available in English and Russian): Media, tourism and information in the capital city of Bishkek.
Interfax News Agency: Daily news from NIS
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: News, special reports, editorials, and more news...

Welcome! And come to explore Kyrgyzstan!

Hi from mountain Kyrgyz land! Nice to meet you on my home page. My name is Almaz. I'm an exchange student from Kyrgyzstan under the program "Freedom Support Act". As I represent Kyrgyzstan, my native country, in the United States, I have decided to create this page for everyone interested in learning more about our new world. I hope I have done everything possible to make your exploration of the Kyrgyzstan interesting and useful. You can look at "Kyrgyzstan Quick Facts". This option is for those who prefer to browse World-Wide Web without long stops. If you like, I have an excellent list of the links to the resources about Kyrgyzstan culture, history, politics, economy and geography. Maybe you like to travel around the world to see what is outside your yard. Let me guess which country you are going to visit! If your choice is Kyrgyzstan, than you are always very welcome to visit "Kyrgyzstan Connection". That site is specially designed for you. Also you can see and learn about one of the most beautaful lakes in the world! This is Issuk-Kul lake, which is a very special place for me. Now is the perfect time to know each other!

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Kyrgyzstan Quick Facts
A very short brief about Kyrgyzstan!
Lake Issyk-Kul
All you will ever need to know about this lake!
Kyrgyzstan Connection
If you are planning to visit Kyrgyzstan, this site is just for you!

Wow! You are quest in my Kyrgyzstan!

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